Not all companies have the bandwidth or tools to foster an intimate connection with their customers. From soup to nuts, Wednesday Seven crafts customized marketing and creative plans to fit each client's unique budget and needs. 

Mix, match and make from scratch a program that works best for your business.

Creative SErvices 

From a simple check presenter to a complete campaign, our team will collaborate with you to create captivating materials that enhance your brand. We work closely with your team and do extensive research on your brand’s identity in order to tap into the unique feel of each client. We like to think big in everything we do, whether that’s perfecting the copy on a check presenter or designing a truck wrap. Our creative talents span many arenas, from advertising to direct mail, and social media graphics to engaging copywriting.



In an incredibly visual driven industry where food is first devoured with the eyes, we know the value in high quality and accessible photography. Everyone knows the old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but to us a picture is also worth so much more: a thousand likes, hundreds of new followers, press exposure, and the ultimate goal – brand loyalty. With the ability to provide everything from high quality social media content to on-location event shoots and everything in between, we fill the missing space needed for a continuous flow of content and fast-paced photography.


Reputation Management

Your customers are online and they are talking. With an open mind and appreciation for customer feedback, our team will monitor and respond to your online reviews and feedback from a variety of channels including Yelp, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Trip Advisor. Making sure your customers feel heard, looking for trends and subsequently making operational changes are the keys to building a loyal and authentic relationship with your customers. Our team will optimize your profiles with great photography and an active and engaging online presence. Having responded to thousands of reviews, Wednesday Seven knows how to build a positive dialogue. 


SPECIAL Projects

With more than 18 years in the San Francisco Restaurant scene, the Wednesday Seven team knows first-hand how to help restaurateurs achieve their goals. Our custom consulting projects have included everything from building technology platforms, to developing catering departments, to curating and handling logistics for large-scale music festivals. Contact us to see if our team can work with you to create a plan for your unique needs.

Social Media Management

It’s no longer just about posting interesting content. Social media influence comes from engaging with your community and cultivating an environment where customers feel they are part of something bigger. With your vision and goals, Wednesday Seven will optimize online profiles, engage with customers, monitor online feedback and manage consistent high-quality posts on your social channels. We provide a monthly analysis of our work and use data to evolve our strategy and learn more about your customers. 


Despite a growing number of online tools available, we believe email is still king. Using the combined skills of our designers and copywriters coupled with years of experience in the restaurant industry, Wednesday Seven creates emails that generate revenue and bolster brand awareness. We take advantage of powerful marketing integrations including A/B testing, list segmentation, automation, and responsive design, and base our evolving strategy on data. We will also work with your team to create brand-appropriate campaigns to capture new email addresses and grow your database.


advertising & Digital Marketing

In such a fast-paced world there are an endless amount of ways in which to reach your customers. It’s our job to find the best resources and outlets to get your message heard, whether that’s through direct mail, radio advertising, print collateral, social media, or retargeting. Embracing grassroots efforts like handing out coupons, connecting with community organizations or partnering with influencers are also important tools for a holistic campaign. We know how to make both your advertising and your business relevant.



In order to stay current and keep your brand top of mind, we are constantly working to create content that inspires consumer loyalty and a positive connection to your business. Whether that’s writing blog posts, taking inspiring photos, writing engaging copy or designing beautiful materials and campaigns, we’re thinking creatively about ways to connect with your customers and get them back in the door.

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